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Transforming Relevant Construction Data to Make Informed Decisions

DHARAMetrics pioneers a new era of construction benchmarking and design analysis. Our commitment lies in providing construction teams with the tools and data to navigate and optimize projects effectively.

DHARAMetrics Construction Cost Benchmarking

Dharametrics creates a clear pathway to project success by transforming historical data into the currency of todays budgets.

By utilizing finalized project design and cost metrics we can forge a bridge between past projects and current market conditions.

What is

The Service  

Collect Your Data I We gather all forms of data from all available sources

Clean Your Data I We organize and ensure your data is clean and accurate so we can properly analyze it

 Store Your Data I We load your data into our anonymized database

 Relate Your Data I We normalize all data so it can be analyzed against industry specific building types for ongoing analytics

Maintenance I We add and maintain your datasets in addition to quarterly economic updates for real-time escalation

The Software

Data I Compare your own historical data against relevant peer groups adjusted automatically to live present day values

Benchmarking I Live real-time cost benchmarking at summary and detailed levels

Cost Modelling I Utilize groups of projects selected to location and specification criteria to build early phase cost models in all industry formats

Price Book and Commodities I Gain access to detailed live price book and unit rates normalized to any location both nationally and internationally

Integrated Design Metrics I Observe relationships between the key design and cost drivers for your projects enabling proactive decision making

DHARAMetrics revolutionizes construction data analysis by transforming historical project data into actionable insights for today’s project budgets. 
Our proprietary AI software solution converts detailed, outdated, and disorganized information into accurate project benchmarking.

DHARAMetrics Construction Cost Benchmarking

Makes Construction Budgeting Accurate and Relevant

Our software integrates cost and design metrics across all sectors within the industry. It examines data at a detailed and summary level for all industry formats both within the USA and internationally. Its' unique algorithms allow us to compare projects on an infinite list of specification requirements. With DHARAMetrics, you can remove guesswork and embrace data-driven confidence, building smarter and maximizing your project's success.

The Software Solution

Building Intelligence & Analytics solutions from Dharam Consulting.

DHARAMetrics Construction Cost Benchmarking
DHARAMetrics Construction Cost Benchmarking

Effortless Data Conversion I Seamlessly converts historical construction data into present-day values, providing accurate and  relevant insights for benchmarking analysis.

Accurate Benchmarking I Utilizes advanced algorithms to adjust historical data for geographical and time-based cost factors,  ensuring precise and reliable benchmarking insights.

Anonymized Aggregate Reporting I Safeguards sensitive project data by aggregating and omitting specific project details or client names in output reports.

Flexibility I Able to collect and build all forms of design or cost metrics for buildings, including benchmarking in Uniformat or CSI.

Speed I Live cost indexes across all components and commodities. 

Insights for Smarter Construction Budgets

No more guesswork, no more inflated costs, just laser-sharp accuracy tailored to your current project's location and reality. By harnessing the hidden potential of historical data, we transform outdated figures into actionable insights, revealing efficient strategies and potential risks. Build with confidence, knowing your budget reflects the outputs of actual project experience.

DHARAMetrics Construction Cost Benchmarking

Your decision-making tool

Unlock the power of historical data for better value-for-money decisions

DHARAMetrics Construction Cost Benchmarking

Industry Experience

I Trust industry experts with decades of cost consulting expertise.



I Rest assured, your project data remains secure within anonymized aggregate reports.

DHARAMetrics Construction Cost Benchmarking

Data Relevance

I Convert outdated historical data into present-day values, providing relevant insights for current decision-making.

Increase in Efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

I Streamline operations with easily accessible, data-driven insights relevant to today’s construction landscape.

DHARAMetrics Construction Cost Benchmarking

AI and Analytics

I Assess both integrated cost and design analysis at summary and fully detailed levels.

DHARAMetrics Construction Cost Benchmarking

Informed Decision-Making

I Empower stake holders with relevant, up-to-date insights for optimized project planning, resource allocation, and risk management.

No More Budget Headaches
Build Smarter

We unlock the hidden insights nestled within your historical project data, transforming them into actionable intelligence for today's budgets. Imagine geographically relevant, present-day values guiding your decisions, ensuring accuracy and optimizing costs.

DHARAMetrics Construction Cost Benchmarking

Dharametrics does not just analyze the data, it orchestrates a stream of insights, transforming historical nuggets into a gold mine of usable information, redefining industries approach to the alignment of design, specification, and cost.

Why DHARAMetrics(TM) 

What If You Could ...

- Save time

- Be more efficient

- Generate more revenue

- Have all your business information readily available

- Have your information readily comparable

- Have access to real-time live information

Owner Occupier

- Removes the guesswork from budget setting for Institutions

- Campus wide data can be uploaded and accessed by facilities team

- Cost and design metrics per program type available for early massing and stacking decisions

- Creates confidence at board and stakeholder levels that budget, and design is aligned

- Creates better collaboration opportunities with CM for Integrated Design Process (IPD)

- Understanding where best value lies in a project, reduces need for costly value engineering process

- Better scenario planning for sustainability goals, ECM’s, LCCA and material selection as project progresses

Construction Manager and General Contractors

- Consolidate your historic cost data from multiple data sources to a single usable platform.

- Create better efficiency and accuracy in early phase cost modelling and estimating

- Provide an alternate to estimators spending valuable time assuming scope when are drawings are not defined

- Reduce the need for sub-contract pricing prior to designs being complete

- Improve workflow of estimating departments, have the right staff doing the right task

Design & Engineering Firms

- Create your data blue-print from your designs

- Compare both cost and design metrics from past and present projects

- Collect disorganized static report cost data from past projects

- Enable target value design and reduce re-design costs

Property Developers

- Align ROI with budget, program, design & specifications

- Get access to best in class comparable core and shell and fit out data

- Add your own past project information into our system and see it updated live for time and location

- Cost and design certainty established early, focus team on Target Value Design process

- Engage CM/GC and trades at the appropriate time to best add value

- Increase speed to market, limits re-design and costly value engineering

Software Developers

- Access to real time cost and specification date

- Summary level and detailed line level cost date available

- Data base can cost index data globally to any city location

- Time adjusted information to today or any future date with built in inflation / escalation calculator

- Live API connections

Get Started with DHARAMetrics(TM) Today

Contact DHARAMetrics™ for a personalized demonstration and witness how our software transforms historical project data into valuable, present-day insights for construction benchmarking.

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